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Introducing Battlefield Portal

Battlefield™ Portal is a community-driven platform within Battlefield™ 2042 that will let you create and find fantastic experiences made by the series’ creative and passionate community. The creation suite includes Settings, custom modes, and a Logic Editor so you can build your own signature spin on Battlefield’s sandbox; you’ll be able to change team ratios, tweak victory conditions, restrict weapons, and even put different factions from different eras in Battlefield’s history against one another. Those who want to focus on discovering what others have created will have easy access to an entire world of unexpected battles featuring some of the series’ most famous eras mashed together in distinct, exciting experiences.

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Play Battlefield 2042

There is a new version of the game from the franchise we all love and it's called Battlefield 2042. There is a reason Rebel Butchers have a gaming community and that is becuse it all started with the 1st versions of Battlefield 1942, the Desert Combat Mod and local LAN parties connecting PCs and people together. Well, things have come full-circle and 1942 has evolved into 2042 with a slight glimpse into the near future. Specialists in wing suits, tornadoes ripping through city skyscrapers, and robot dogs and drones. This could be the excitement the doctor ordered!

Play Battlefield 2042 with Rebel Butchers online and hang out in RB Discord. - Connect to RB Discord

We Want to Hear You!

Connect with others playing multiplayer games on the Rebel Butchers Discord channel. Use you mic and headhones to communicate with players with simliar gaming interests. All ages welcome! Did we mention this is a PC Gaming community? So, in general, most of the gamers are mature or older and have crazy machines with nutty skills. So, don't be afraid to ask others for advice or to show them a better way. This past season has shown many in the group playing BF2042, BF4, Rocket League, Red Dead Redemption, Atlas, Space Engineers, Conan Exiles, GTA5, Ark and too many others to mention. So, don't be shy... stop on by.

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