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Atlas is Back!

If you don't already know, there has been a total wipe of Atlas servers and for a good reason. There has been a huge update for Atlas and the map is totally different. Islands are cheaper to own and maintain. NPCs are cheaper to have on land or your boats. Resources and animals seem to have been chnaged across islands for a more even threshold. The good news is Rebel Butchers has secured a large island with tons of Silver, Tin, Tigers, Bears, Honey and the rare Blue Giraffe. You will find the RB Wal-Mart store with Opal, Crystal, Honey and more at reasonable prices if you don;t want to spend laods of time finding and harvesting yourself.

Play Atlas with Rebel Butchers online. We are in section B5 on the NorthEast island. - Connect to RB Discord to say hello.

We Want to Hear You!

Connect with others playing multiplayer games on the Rebel Butchers Discord channel. Use you mic and headhones to communicate with players with simliar gaming interests. All ages welcome! Did we mention this is a PC Gaming community? So, in general, most of the gamers are mature or older and have crazy machines with nutty skills. So, don't be afraid to ask others for advice or to show them a better way. This past season has shown many in the group playing BF5, BF4, Rocket League, Red Dead Redemption, Atlas, Space Engineers, Conan Exiles, GTA5, Ark and too many others to mention. So, don't be shy... stop on by.

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