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About =RB=

About Rebel Butchers

The members and admins of Rebel Butchers are all about PC gaming and having fun. What is fun? Perhaps, some say it's blowing up a tank, flame throwing a thatched hut and taking out a full squad or, maybe some say, it's taming a dinosaur in your cave base or growing potatoes on a captured castle's garden bed. Whatever you zombie shooting, giant insect gutting, defense buidling, PVP, PVE pleasure may be... you can enjoy it with friends at Rebel Butchers Gaming Community.

History of RB
=RB= Gaming Community

Rebel Butchers Gaming Community came to be from various clans, tribes and crews looking for a consistent, respectful and mature PC gaming environment. Back when hard drives spun and 1 gig was a lot of space is when the origins and gaming fever began to reveal itself in the multiplayer world.

Most of the admin and many members have been hosting groups and/or gaming since the earlier days of Battlefield 1942. Some grew up and went on to get a life and others were never seen again. We have loss several members due to real life tragedy and circumstance. However, there are still loads of players that exist as =RB= and many old friends that still visit from time to time. So, don't delay, fire up that PC today (tonight) and join us in a wild adventure.